Autumn/Winter 2013

MyMink Press Launch

6 Feb 2013, MariVanna, London

Real Fur Store

MyMink is a luxury natural fur label based in London. We offer exclusive contemporary, cutting edge and versatile fur garments. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing this winter - there is something for everyone. Join this winter’s opulence and show up in one of MyMink’s gorgeous full-length coats, crafted from the most desired high quality furs of mink, marten, swakara, lynx and silver fox. Have fun and work the cold weather look wearing one of our natural fur jackets or vests, while in town or on a ski break. Check out MyMink’s fabulous real fur accessories to perfect your unique winter style. Our winter fur coats are guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous! So get carried away and treat yourself to one of our exquisite winter furs!

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