MyMink loves fur vests! This is one piece that can transform your entire look and make it unique and edgy. MyMink introduces Apres Ski Cortina collection and continues with City Chic and My Mink Soho lines. Glam to grunge - you will love MyMink’s exclusive pieces. City life or apres-ski winter fashion, it is all about being warm yet chic. Play with the variety of furs and designs that we offer, from lynx to golden mink trimmed with python, these fur vests are this season's most-wanted wardrobe items. City Chic or MyMink Soho vests, so versatile, wear with a little black dress, over a short sleeve on a warmer day or a contrast colour polo neck – these are great layering pieces that will keep you sumptuously warm. It’s getting chilly outside, so don’t miss out! Embrace the cold! 

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