Jun 2, 2014


Decoration ideas for interior inspired from the value of fur and leather throughout times. Creations from natural materials that absolutely harmonize with space providing warmth and beauty.

The influence of leather and fur accessories is seen in fashion and home decorating. Leather and fur accessories by MMG are the latest trends that bring fabulous items into modern homes.

Handmade pillows, throws and covers, made of fur and leather, look amazing and can be used for almost any modern interior design style. Leather and fur accessories are very decorative and tender, and get a lot of attention, adding a fantastic accents to modern interior design.


People love leather and fur. These accessories feel unique and pleasant. People enjoy these beautiful accessories and want to touch the fur and run their hands across it.

MMG AW14 collection combines warm chocolaty colours with modern pritns and stripes and features rex and mink throws as well as bespoke sable and chincilla throws which can be ordered on demand info@my-mink.com